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The legalization of cannabis in various states created unforeseen challenges for employees. Among these is the need for cannabis education and training from canna advisors and experts. 420 Accounting Services is committed to pushing your cannabis advisors to success. We ensure you have the requisite tools to help you mitigate any arising risks by providing comprehensive training for all members of your organization.

In addition, we understand the nature of overwhelming information about taking in a new small or medium-sized cannabis company. Our expert canna advisors employ their expertise and experience to provide you with the best consulting services. Contact us to request or find out more about our cannabis training and consulting services nationwide.

Dispensary Staff Online & In Person Training

At 420 Accounting Services, we offer high-level in-house and in-person training on technical and non-technical aspects of running your business. For instance, we can train your employees to use Cannabis Track and Trace Systems to comply fully with these systems’ tracking and reporting requirements.

We believe that forming a culture of compliance is an important factor in succeeding in such a highly regulated business. Every regulated operation requires compliance, whether it’s cultivation, your dispensary, product manufacturing, transportation, or the testing lab. To help you ensure a successful operation is to implement training in compliance processes.

We can create a customized compliance training program for your existing licensed cannabis operation. Our cannabis training may include modules such as:

  • State compliance
  • Dispensing cannabis compliance
  • Sanitation and product handling
  • Cultivation operations compliance
  • Product manufacturer compliance
  • Working with testing agencies

Consistent compliance training empowers your workers and improves your business’ overall client retention. Talk to our canna advisors to advise you on your cannabis training needs.

Dispensary POS Systems/Software Selection & Set Up

The cannabis industry is a constantly evolving sector. Part of this growth, especially for individual businesses, is having a properly set-up system for all major and minor processes. However, setting up such systems may require some technical expertise and experience for most businesses. At 420 Accounting Services, we are dedicated to ensuring your business’ optimal operation. As such, you can rely on us to:

  • Assist you with onboarding
  • Provide license specific Chart of Accounts
  • Set up perpetual data rooms
  • Setting up new accounting software
  • Initiate a cleanup process.

Our canna advisors can recommend and help you set up efficient and reliable business tools, software, or any technical hardware you have.

Dispensary Banking Solutions

Bloomberg reports stability in cannabis banking cannabis as being illegal under federal law. Unfortunately, legitimate and licensed cannabis-related businesses still feel challenged by the hurdles they face in accessing traditional banking and financial services. On the bright side, canna advisors, such as 420 Accounting Services, provide reliable and efficient banking services to cannabis vendors and related businesses.

We can help you gain quick and meaningful access to cannabis banking institutions and set up a proper business account. Additionally, we can help you set up a reliable financial structure to avoid fraud, embezzlement, or theft. Reach out to us to help you achieve full access to banking and financial services nationwide.

Dedicated Support for Cannabusiness Management

Starting and running a cannabis-related business can be hectic, thus propelling the need for support and guidance. At 420 Accounting Services, we offer our clients advice on navigating certain aspects of the cannabis business. Our cannabis CPAs also help businesses implement customized industry-specific and business-compliant major controls, standard operating procedures, and key performance indicators.

As a licensed cannabis consultant, 420 Accounting Service understands the ins and outs of the cannabis industry. Therefore, we customize our dedicated support to match your cannabis-related business’ needs effortlessly. We can help you navigate any challenge that faces your operation, despite the intensity.

Cannabis Industry Training and Consulting

420 Accounting Services is a cannabis-friendly business providing an array of services for the modern cannabis business. We provide training for your employees to help in ensuring full business compliance. In addition, we can help your business access banking services nationwide.

At 420 Accounting Services, we help you with any system setup with 24/7 dedicated support for your business operations. Contact us to access or learn more about our cannabis training and consulting services nationwide.

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